Subdivision Application Form

     Village of Schoharie Subdivision Checklist and Forms V2.pdf

Site Plan Review Application Form

     Village of Schoharie Site Plan Review.pdf

     Schoharie Application for Site Development Plan Approval.pdf

     Schoharie Design Standards (1)

     Village of Schoharie Planning Approval Flow Chart.pdf

Schoharie Planning Process

     Village of Schoharie Summary of Process.pdf

Schedule of Fees

     Planning Board Schedule of fees

Floodplain Permit

     Floodplain Permit Application.pdf

     Flood Plain LL 2004.pdf

Building Permits

Bld Permit fee and Application.pdf

Water Quality


Refuse Company Permits

Refuse Companies need to apply for a permit and pay a fee to collect refuse in the Village of Schoharie. Contact the Village Clerk at 518-295-8500, or complete the attached application.   Refuse Permit Application 2018