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Village of Schoharie Information

The Village of Schoharie has a population of about 922 people with 455 housing units. Since 1990, and especially since 2000, the Village has lost over 10% of its population.  In 1990, there were 1045 persons.  The median household income in 2010 was $49,643, substantially lower than the $56,951 in New York State.  In 2010, 52.7% of the population was low/moderate incomes but in 2012, after the flood, it was 65.8%. The 2010 poverty rate for the Village was 7.9% of all persons. There were 3.3% of all families below the poverty level and 37% of the population has a disability.

As the county seat, the Village of Schoharie has a great deal of critical infrastructure.  The Schoharie Fire Department, Police Department, County Sheriff, County Jail, County DPW and other county facilities, Scho-Wright Ambulance, Schoharie County Critical Care Team, and the court system are all located within the Village. There are 4.2 miles of road, no bridges, and all the water and sewer infrastructure, including two springs, and one holding pond within the municipal boundaries.


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Schoharie Community Development Corporation

The Schoharie Community Development Corporation is a not-for-Profit entity in the Village dedicated to encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship in the Village as well as strengthening and expanding existing businesses, revitalizing Main Street, stimulating tourism growth, and creating employment opportunities.  Contact the Village office for
more information on Schoharie CDC programs.

Developers Welcome

If you are a developer, small business owner, or entrepreneur, consider the Village of Schoharie. It has all you need for successful development:

– Accessible sites.

– Supportive policies and plans for housing and commercial development.

– A local development corporation eager to help willing developers initiate and complete development projects.

– A prime location within 30 minutes of New York’s Capital Region and within easy reach of the Catskill Mountains, Mohawk and Hudson Valleys and Adirondack Region.

– Click Here Village of Schoharie Long Term Community Recovery Strategy September 9 2014.pdf  to view Schoharie’s long term plan for development opportunities.

– Click here Final Part 2 Appendix 1 for a full Market Analysis and Economic Data for the Village and surrounding area.

The Market Area for the Village of Schoharie: