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The Historic Village of Schoharie, New York,  located in Upstate New York – is nestled between  Albany, and to the west, the Catskill Mountains  to the southwest, and the Adirondack Mountains to the northeast.

Once part of the Iroquois Nation, German Palatine Immigrants settled in the Schoharie Valley in the early 1700s, when much of present day Schoharie County was still the frontier. A village, or dorf, named Brunnen Dorf (loosely translated to Fountain Town) was established on the site of the current village of Schoharie in 1712 near an abundant spring.  The fact that the original village of Schoharie still endures is proof of the fortitude of the early Palatine settlers and their descendants, and of the bountiful gifts of the Schoharie Creek flowing through the valley. (In 2012 the village celebrated its 300th Anniversary).



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The Schoharie Valley and Schoharie Creek

Through the verdant and fertile valley flow the waters of the Schoharie Creek that begins p28in the Catskills and flows north to meet the Mohawk River. The Creek travels a distance of 83 miles and has a watershed of 947 square miles. For centuries the Creek and its watershed have continued to bring fertile soil and life giving water to the generations of farmers in the valley.

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Village Awarded State Grant to Build Multi-Purpose Creek Trail

As a result of our Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan, the Village of Schoharie submitted and has been awarded a grant for $380,000 to build a Schoharie Creek… Click for more info

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Read about:  The Village of Schoharie congratulates Tina Wellman for her sponsorship of a “Little Free Library” at 125 Grand Street in the Village.


Erin Tobin (far right) presents a check from the Preservation League of New
York State to John Borst, Mayor, Village of Schoharie. Looking on (l to r),
Ruth Anne Wilkinson, Anne Hendrix, Tatiana Boba, Dawn Johnson, Brian
deBruijn, Sue deBruijn, Nan Stolzenburg, Jessie Ravage, and Larry Caza. 10 16 15 Press Release









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